After a lot of work, we are finally opening the floodgates! Welcome to the first developer blog of the Amazing Crackpots Club!

They say an image is worth a thousand words, so a video must be worth a million! right?

Crackpots is a 1 to 4 Players competitive game where the main objective is to destroy the giant potion flask in the opposite team’s field, while protecting your own flask from incoming shots! It plays like a platform fighter, fast paced and frantic, and every character has a completely unice moveset!

The basics

To damage the flask you shoot magical bullets. To protect your own, you strike those bullets to deflect them back. It’s simple, but it doesn’t stop there! Scattered around the stage are several mana potion pick-ups you can use to recharge your mana, and you can spend your mana to cast all kind of powerful spells!

As each flask is struck by incoming shots, they’ll start filling up with magical energy. Once a potion is completely filled up, it’ll explode in a giant flash of magical energy with unspeakable consequences for the opposing team!

To prevent this from happening, every character has four abilities at their disposal:


This is the most basic of abilities, used to physically hit nearby bullets to throw them back in the opposite direction.


Shoots a new bullet, it’s your most basic spell, and the main way of dealing damage!

Shooting leaves you unable to move for a moment or two, so time your shots carefully, or you won’t have enough time to defend your potion! Every character has shots with different properties too!​


It is the signature spell of each character, it shores up the weaknesses of their strike and shot, but this one uses up your mana, so don’t waste it!

These special spells are absolutely vital to be able to deflect the shots that zoom too fast, or out of your reach! Most of these spells are enhance your mobility, but some also let you hit shots from a distance without having to get close!​

The Ultimate Spell

Performed with the RT button, this is your most powerful spell, and it could swing the match your way, or seal your victory!

You will fill up an ultimate meter by sucessfully striking shots, or by using your special correctly.

Once the meter is full, you can unleash your most powerful spell that’ll offer a huge advantage! Some characters can use this ability to summon some extremely powerful shots, while others have more defensive maneuvers that can block shots all over the screen. Every Ultimate has a completely different purpose!

also jump with A btw.

That’s the general idea. The game is fast-paced, and matches can get pretty hectic! Standard matches involve best-of-X rounds, but other modes, like a timed score match also exist. An arcade-style story mode is also on the works, so you’ll be able to have some fun even without friends!

Multiple characters are currently in development! The one in the gameplay footage is almost 100% done, and there’s a second one very near that point. Three additional characters are also in various stage of development, and we’ll be talking about them pretty soon!

There’s still a lot of work to be done, but hopefully, what you see is enough to get a feeling of what we are making. Any kind of feedback that will help us improve the game is welcome too, so if you feel like it please leave a comment, we appreciate it!

Thank you very much and welcome aboard!

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